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Hi, I'm Candice!

I love the beach, warm weather and hanging out with our dog Kona and my husband Jerry!

Keke Rose Photography is  based in Arlington Heights, IL and we focus on headshot, portrait, and boudoir photography.  My goal is to make every client feel AMAZING and to capture images that represent the best version of YOU.  

I'm a Peter Hurley trained headshot photographer so you know great expressions, fun, and incredible images that make you look AMAZING are my obsession!

Your photography experience will be fun, full of laughs, and I will guide you all along the way!  My goal is to capture your personality in every photo and make sure you leave my studio feeling empowered and ready to proudly show everyone your amazing images.

The name for my business Keke Rose Photography, was born from a combination of my childhood nickname “Keke” given to me by my younger brother when he couldn’t pronounce Candice, and my Aunt “Rose” who introduced me to photography at a very young age. Seeing how important these two names are to me I thought it was a perfect match to represent my purpose and passion.

My love of photography began in my early teens when my Aunt Rose gave me my first “real” camera. I loved documenting our many outings and travels both near and far. Still to this day, I get butterflies when I travel and photograph new locations, cultures, or adventures.  I love documenting these experiences through photography so I can look back and relive the experiences and share them with my family and friends!  Ask my Sister in Law about my 37 rolls of film from Europe!  

Photography is the joy of capturing a moment in time that we can relive with just glancing at an image.